illustration friday "peace" #2

And another illustration that kind of fits the theme "peace". Lack thereof it is, in this case, or calm before the storm! Anyone know a good way out of the situation for the poor fellow? ;-) This was my holiday card I sent out to customers and friends this year. Hope you like it! (click to enlarge)


illustration friday "peace"

Happy Holidays everyone! This post is a little belated, sorry, got caught up in work =) I create these angels for the German magazine "Laura", to add a festive touch to their end of year editions. I tried a totally new style here, done in the program "Painter", with oil pastels. Isn't that program fun? (Click to enlarge)

Holiday Greetings to you all,

illustration friday "might"

Might? This creative topic from left quite open, which illustration one might post... ;-) I went for "I might buy this, or that, or that...." This illustration was done for the Swiss consumer magazine MIGROSMAGAZIN, to an article about going shopping for the new baby.

illustration friday "clear"

This is my contribution to the topic "clear". Background to the picture: it was an editorial illustration to a brief text on something crazy that happened. Apparently a true story, in Mexico, once the local policemen were not "clear" about the current situation: they mistook the firemen that were extinguishing a fire for burglars, and they arrested them! Guess they could have used a clearer job description? Or brighter policemen ;-) Hope you like the illustration =)

illustration friday "smoke"

This was just a quick sketch and testing out of the programme "Painter". I love this program, the possibilities are endless! Don't know if you still recognize the person, but the image inspiration was a shot of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Hope you like it!
Greetings, Astrid

illustration friday "smitten"

This is "Zoe", one of my character designs. English is not my mother language, but I think she's smitten, right? Comments are always very welcome, thanks! =)

You can find "Zoe" on various products in my online store:

illustration friday "trouble"

That was a fun project I did at the beginning of this year. I think it fits well for the topic "trouble" though, doesn't it? ;-)

illustration friday "phobia"

What a fun topic! My contribution of this Friday's creative challenge of

illustration friday "change"

This illustration was created for a Swiss woman magazine. Even though I didn't specifically create it for, I think it doesn't fit too badly. What do you think?

illustration "match" (Zoe)

This will be my contribution for this Friday's topic of! I didn't create a new illo this time because I'm travelling, but I thought this one "matches" not too badly! The girls match, they like the same stuff, look the same, and dress in matching colors... The character is "Zoe", a potatomammadesign creation. To see more about her, and buy products with her, visit my shop at Have fun!

illustration for good cause

This is my contribution to the campaign "Art against female circumcision". A very serious topic for once! The campaign collects images from female artists all over the world for a good cause: It's a unique project which is just being put up in France, Belgium, the USA and Germany, to make a change in the cruel fates of young girls and women, especially in Africa.

To all female artists who want to support this campaign and submit artwork, more information here: (scroll down for English)
deadline is August 24th 2006!

potatomamma store now open!

On July 29, 2007, the potatomamma online store has officially opened!

You find a great selection of products there, all with potatomamma illustrations! Gifts and useful objects for ladies *and* guys - check it out! Comments and suggestions are welcome!

go to potatomamma shop

illustration "clean" suggested the topic "clean" for an illustration, so here is my contribution! This lady in the bathtub is not only clean but pulled a living mini mermaid out of the bathtub! Nothing's impossible in illustration, right? ;-)

illustration "opposites"

This is an editorial illustration I did for the German magazine "Maedchen" (a teenage girl magazine). Topic: the difference between girls and guys - in this case asking the question how guys and girls would picture "the perfect day". The text was not 100% serious about all details, so don't take the illustration offensively ;-)

illustration "sacrifice"

Okay, a lot of us women have been there: Tempted by all the devilish good stuff, those sweet looking, wonderful smelling treats that scream "eat me eat me!!". The big question is, do we sacrifice the sweet short pleasure of those treats to the Hollywood dream figure? I say, heck no! ;-)

"dusk in a faraway land"

This artwork was done to the topic "skyline", posted as an illustration topic on "". Now I only need someone who will write my story to it... Anybody know an author ;-) ?
Greetings, Astrid

illustration "sticky"

A quick illustration for 'Illustration Friday', to the topic "sticky". Character copyright by potatomammadesign.

illustration "fashion escape"

This illustration shows a sophisticated, very fashionable lady, who is running away from the rain. Pun intended.

If you'd like to see more potatomamma illustrations, go to Thanks for your interest!

Astrid aka Potatomamma