free publicity wanted?

Dear illustrator friends!
Via the great illustration inspiration source, I recently came across It's an artist collaboration community and free portfolio opportunity. I also got lucky: as soon as I posted an image, they asked me for an interview, which was even more free publicity.
Go to the interview on the website, or click the play button twice to listen

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I hope I have a few tips in there that are interesting to some of you. I'm only just starting out in the business (opened in April 06), so bear with me. If you have more questions or suggestions, feel free to comment here, on, or to send me an email. I'd love to hear from you.
Greetings from an illustrator colleague,
and good luck to you all!

illustration friday "sprout"

It has been a while since I last actually created an illustration for illustrationfriday... I finally got around to it again! This is a quick idea I created, to the topic "sprout". Hope you enjoy it, despite my minimalism ;-) Greetings! Astrid