Happy Weekend Inspiration Card 7

This week's inspiration card is for all you hard workers out there! It is also my contribution to today's Illustration Friday illustration theme "routine". Let's not lose sight of what's really important - let's remember to take a step back and see the bigger picture. It's so easy to get lost in everyday routine, isn't it?

I remember when I was still employed (as opposed to having my own business now), it was so easy to get busy busy busy, and just go from one day to the next, from one task to the next. Today, I enjoy working a lot more - for my own company. It still happens to me sometimes to lose sight of the big picture. Not so much regarding what's important to me personally, but regarding my business and all the things I want to accomplish. Here, I have to send a big thanks to my coach, Leili McKinley from www.soaring-phoenix.com - she really helps me to focus on clear goals now. Thanks Leili!!

I created the illustration in the card for Swarovski. Maybe you recognize her: she's "Stella", the fashion magazine editor who has her own column on www.swarovski.com!