Happy Weekend Inspiration Card 15

Photographer Critsey Rowe from Couture Boudoir photographs brides-to-be in a very sensual way. The brides then often give the art photos as a wedding gift to their grooms. Great photography, very classy - compliments Critsey! I'm not a feminist - but let's just muse for a moment: why are women always the ones who have to be sexy? How about some role reversal? (smile)

In this illustration that I created for LAURASTAR SA - one of the world's leading producer in ironing systems - the guy is topless, and he is also doing the ironing. How sexy is that, ladies?

By the way, if you're interested in buying the illustration, it is available on a limited edition ironing board cover - only 3000 pieces sold worldwide. More info on www.laurastar.com