The Little Bird Project

I was asked to contribute to the good cause project "The Little Bird Project". Illustrations of birds will be printed on a poster, sold, and the profit will be donated to UNICEF, to support their work against child labor.

The project still runs until May 30, check it out and take part! You won't get money, but they list artist's reference and website. More information here.

I did one illustration with background, and one without (no background is their requirement). I kind of like the one with the dreamy sky better though. Or does the belly get lost in the sky where it's pink? What do you think?

illustration friday "citrus"

Something enTIRELly different for once! I created this illustration specifically for the IF topic "citrus", so it's not commercial, but just crazy. Seeing the word "citrus", I instantly got an image in my head of a woman biting into a lemon. I started playing around in Painter, then Photoshop, and look what happened. You tell me!