Happy Weekend Inspiration Card 11

Illustration Friday asks us creatives this time to illustrate something to the topic "clique". I created this image for Radio Energy Zurich, Switzerland, for a casting show: seeking a "Heidi" from the mountains that wants to come to the city and moderate a radio show. In any case, I feel the illustration fits to the topic well. It shows an important aspect of cliques that immediately came to my mind: We still have to listen to ourselves, even if we are in a clique. And sometimes this may mean that we have to leave the group.

When I was younger I was strongly influenced by what others were doing for a while (I was a teenager, what can I say). While that was good for me at the time, I started feeling stronger once I started to listen to my heart more and follow it. Duh - you may say. Yes, I know, it sounds so logical doesn't it? But it's not always that easy, sometimes we have to be brave when we want to follow our hearts. That doesn't just count for teenage cliques, but also for later in life. Sometimes we're stuck in a situation that's very comfortable to be in, but not necessarily following what our heart is saying.

That's what this weekend inspiration card is for: to give us power to be brave and always follow our heart.

I received "I love your blog" award

I'm so excited - Senta gave me the "I love your blog" award! Senta, thanks so much, it's an honor to be nominated - especially by you: your illustrations are very nice! For everyone who hasn't seen Senta Plyer's blog, have a look, and see for yourself!

The rules for this award are:
1-Display the logo on your blog
2-Link back to the person you received the award from
3-Nominate 7 other blogs
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Here the seven nominations of blogs that I love:
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Wedding Invitation and caketopper figurines

For customers of a high-end Swiss wedding planner, I developed a stylized illustration of the couple and a design concept, which were both being used throughout the wedding: on "save the date" cards, invitations, the menu, and as a unique extra, as caketopper figurines. The caketopper ornament was produced on plexiglas, and not only complemented the styling of the cake, but now serves as beautiful keepsake for the couple.