illustration friday "signs"

Recently, I've started to do illustrations and graphic design for the wedding market. Looks like there is a demand out there for custom tailored illustrations by artists who are published in magazines (you artists out there should try it out =)). This image here is in a style that I've never done before: the couple asked me to make them recognizable. I strictly don't do portraits, and don't advertise caricaturing (my deepest respect to all the portrait artists out there, I think this is so HARD!). Somehow I managed to make them kind of look like them, and the clients were happy (I'm not posting their photos for privacy reasons). The customers gave me a clear briefing and their photos, and put this image on the front of their wedding invitation card. They were not the pretty in pink wedding type, and asked to be portrayed on a tandem, travelling through Tuscany with their cat, following a sign that says "20 km to the registry office".

I'm posting it to the theme "signs" because, well, it has a sign ;-) Hope you like it, even though it's different from what I usually do =)

Greetings! Astrid