Happy Weekend Inspiration Card 8

Today, IllustrationFriday.com asks for submissions to the topic "memories". This led me to create this inspiration card.

Many psychologists, philosophers, buddhist leaders, and other successful people have written about "staying in the present". Lisa Smith-Batchen is a world class athlete and successful coach, whose athletic achievements have appeared on the covers of The NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post and Winning Magazine. She writes on her blog:

"You know what's interesting - I've been reading a lot of Buddist literature and books lately - it talks a lot about staying present, focused, here and now, positive etc. I notice when I run if I stay focused on the step I'm taking at the moment - not the last or the next one- and if I keep a positive attitude my energy level increases - now this isn't that surprising - but - I also notice - if I start to think about resentments I have or people I don't like in a negative way- I actually start to get weaker- and if I than re-focus on something positive- or reframe the resentment to understanding I immediately begin to feel stronger..."

Here's inspiration from the political arena: Today, Gov. Sarah Palin, who's serving her first term as Alaska's governor, made the nationwide news. Not only is she the first woman and the youngest person to hold the state's top political job, but now Sen. John McCain chose her as vice president! Go Gov. Palin!

Do you think she would be this successful if she often dwelled on her past? No way! So let's not dwell on the past, but focus on the now, and we'll have a future to look forward to.

This blog post is also dedicated to a friend of mine who still is being bothered by her past (and a very obnoxious, psycho boyfriend who can't let go and keeps bothering her). Girl, try to focus on the present. You left him, be glad! Try to ignore his efforts to still make you feel bad - focus on the now, on what you can and want to do for yourself, and work on your future.