vote for illustrations and win!

On April 1 2007, "PotatoMammaDesign" turns 1 year old!
Celebrate with me, and win one of 5 great prizes! Elect Miss PotatoMammaDesign 2007 in the PotatoMammaDesign birthday contest!
Enter now: first 3 entries win a surprise gift
deadline for last votes: April 23 2007

(to get to the contest click here)

Good luck!


ksklein said...

Thanks for your mail, Astrid. :) You asked me to tell you when I post something new in my blog. I try to do that everyday or at least every second day. So today you are lucky! ;)

Now I´m off to have a look at your contest.

ksklein said...

I just had a look at the contestants and boy what a difficult vote. At least we could choose our 3 favorites.