back from my vacations

Hello! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while – I was on vacations! And before that it was hectic like crazy :-) Fitting my current mood and situation, here's a recent illustration I did for the German magazine LISA. It visualized a known problem we all have after vacations – what will we do with all our digital photos?? 1500 in my case (and I was gone for just 3 weeks!?!)

Hope you like the illustration,


ksklein said...

wow. do you always take so many pics during vacation. i always try hard to leave the camera at home or at least in the hotel.
whenever i carry it with me, i look differently at my surroundings, trying to catch good motifs. i don´t like that.

the illustration is very nice. how do you get these jobs? do they come to you and ask you for one (?) illustration for a certain topic? or do they need more of them?

potatomamma said...

Thanks for that sweet comment :-)

I try to do various marketing tasks such as postcard mailings, or even making personal appointments with the art director. This magazine contacted me on their own and asked me to collaborate.

The illustrations are always to a specific text and this magazine usually gives me a briefing with an idea for the illustration. Other customers leave it more open and I come up with suggestions.

For this magazine (LISA), I'm doing regular illustrations for their column.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for your interest :-)

kde* said...

i adore your style.
your illustrations are amazingly simple yet creatively complex.

love every one of them :)