I've been tagged...

Frizz from Illustrator Group Soup tagged me! She asks me to tell 5 things about myself here, and then to tag another person in another blog. Hmmmmmm.

I loooove potatoes – for anyone who doesn't know yet. I could live off just veggies, cheese and potatoes. Actually I have, over longer periods of time. THAT's the original reason for my business and blog name – no fancy deep meaning behind the name "PotatoMammaDesign.com". Sorry to disappoint you :-)

My friends know me a mile away by my laugh. At one of my last jobs, the cleaning woman would hear me laugh all the way down to the parking garage, and that's when I had my office in the second floor. Second floor in the European sense, meaning we don't count the exit level as a floor, you walk up 2 levels and THAT'S the second floor. That's either impressive or embarrassing, HAHA.

Yes I'm Swiss, but no, I don't ski very well. When I was a teenager it grew too embarrassing for me to ski because I never got the sexy hip swing down and remained scared I'd cross the tips of the skis and fall. I can snowboard, but not very well either, grin.

No, I'm not a lesbian, even though I do prefer to illustrate women. Women are just cool and elegant – so easy to draw them in style. How do you do that with a guy? Lol.

One of my dreams is to become rich and live in a house with my sweetie pie with view on the ocean, a great window front, and a porch with a jacuzzi with sea view! Very modest, I know.

Let's see... I'll tag Michelle Lana!

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david santos said...

Happy New Year, Astrid! And best wishes for a healthy and successful 2008