Oil Self-Portrait in Corel Painter

Corel Painter offers so many brushes, it's near endless. I've decided to try a new field: oil paints. Here are step-by-step visuals of a self-portrait I created. I don't do self-portraits commercially, there are artists specialized in that. But it was an interesting experiment, to familiarize myself with the oil paints in Corel Painter!

I used only 3 brushes: wet brush, dry brush, and grainy blender. If you hold the pen down while using wet or dry brush, you can use them for blending too.

Step 1:
Using a photo as reference (try quick clone, you can blend it in and out), I lay down the basics.

Step 2:
In this case, I decided to change the colors, and I worked out the color areas some more.

Step 3:
Starting to add a backround with a large brush.

Step 4:
I made the background more loose, making sure I keep large hand movements. This gives the image more movement and makes it more interesting. I also added more details: the eye had much more subtlety than the rest of the image. I therefore decided to add some fine brush strokes of similar quality on other areas of the painting, to make it more harmonious and interesting. I also adjusted the color areas in the neck and face, adding more rose-pink tones. This not only picked up the background color (which would be a natural light-reflection, and making the overall image more harmonious), but it gave the skin a warmer, softer color.

Step 5:
Usually I use Photoshop to adjust colors. It has a wider and more professional choice of adjustment tools. In this case, I tried using a tool from painter to make the colors more vibrant. Effect - equalize gave me a stronger saturation, so I think I'm happy with this result.
This would be my final painting.

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