gelaskins rock!

Okay this is not a hidden advertisement, but I truly love gelaskins - illustrated covers for ipods and laptops. And I'd love even more if one day I might get to illustrate for gelaskins. One of my dreams on my list...! These are a couple of suggestions that I submitted to gelaskins for consideration. No new artworks, I just used existing illustrations at this point. So far, truly great artists have been published on gelaskins, quite intimidating almost. Wish me luck, and good luck to you too, if you like to submit samples too.


ksklein said...

i love gelaskins too and i wish you good luck. my favorites are the flowery one and the last one.

ksklein said...

Hi Astrid,

thanks for your comment on the contest. actually one participant brought up the idea to draw portraits of the authors. In that case a few more illustrations would be needed.
And I belive it could be a neat idea to let different artists participate with one or two portraits each. I really do like your idea and I´ll let the publishers know about it.
(In that case I could maybe also join in on the fun. I didn´t want to do own illustrations for this contest, as I´m organizing it.)

Majeak Ann said...

oh THEY LOOK GREAT! Wish you luck and I am crossing fingers here!
I would love to submit one day..but who knows.
Really...they look VERY nice. :)
hugs Astrid*

claudine hellmuth said...

super cute! i hope they accept your work! it looks great!!

Adam said...

These look really great! I especially like the third one down. Best of luck Astrid!