Illustration Friday "Discovery"

I did this illustration for Swarovski online, where the Stella illustration – that's her name – appears monthly to her fashion column. I thought it fits okay to the topic "discovery", wonder what she just discovered? Bear with me if I didn't create a brand-new illustration =)

Happy Potato Greetings!


md said...

is she any realtion to Frank Stella the painter turn sculptor. alas i know him well, kinda sorta since i work on his stuff. when u read u leave ur self open to dicover new things, that why i like to read

potatomamma said...

thanks for your comment, MD

No, the work is not on the sculptor, but I'll look him up, that's interesting to hear! My Stella is a commissioned regular illustration / character design I specifically developped for Swarovski, to appeal to their target group. She can be seen online on the Swarovski website (inspiration tab), where she "writes" about the latest happenings in her "life", and what products she recommends to buy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I like it! :)

Very hip... I'd listen to what she had to say ---- if I was a chick. ;)

cata said...

I like your style!