They want to take our copyrights!

Call for all artists and people who want to help us!

It looks like big companies are about to implement a new legal bill in the USA that would deprive artists of their copyrights!

The extremely successful artist Mark Simon wrote a detailed article on the subject, and tells us how we can help. Everyone tries to skip long articles. But this one is worth it. Please, everyone, read it and help us artists! On page 2 you'll see what we can do (write to Congressmen etc.).

Read his article here: You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art!



david santos said...

Hello, Astride!
I loved this post.
Good luck.

Social Network Web Design said...

Why would they want to deprive artist of their copyrights? Thanks for sharing this info.

Btw, I love your designs.

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Thanks for the link to that great article!