New: Happy Weekend Inspirations by PotatoMammaDesign

Who doesn't need inspiration and motivation every now and then? I sure do! 2 days ago, I made my own screen saver with inspirational cards - each with one of my illustrations or patterns and a power-boosting message on it. I ended up really liking them, and suddenly thought that this may be interesting for others too.

This led me to start a motivational card series here on my blog. From now on, I'll post a new inspirational illustration card every weekend. The cards are for everyone out there who needs a cheer-up (geared towards women, because I'll use a lot of my fashion illustrations). The cards shall make everyone happy, and give you all power to reach for the stars!

My first inspirational card: reach for the stars!

This project is not just for me, it's for everyone who likes the cards! So I'm inviting everyone to give me feedback and make suggestions. Do you have a motivational quote or saying that you'd like me to use on a card? The words of wisdom can be sassy, fun, silly, or serious, whatever you like - they just have to be short, and they have to cheer people up. Send your suggestions to: astrid(at)

See you back here in a week!
Now have a happy weekend!
Happy Potato Greetings,

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